Bookkeeping & Payroll Training

Our Bookkeeping & Payroll course is ideal for those who are new to it and require account training on the fundamental elements of payroll processing such as setting up employees, processing pay using the payroll accounting software training like Payroll Training Course focuses on making payslips, maintaining statutory payments, submission of RTI and calculating deductions from you a Payroll Professional. You should not only Be able to calculate and carry out payroll processes using software.You will Learn Tally account training to maintain account records on Tally.

  • 1-3 Months
  •  32 Sessions
  • Advanced

Course Overview

The course emphases on two essential features of first level job roles in Accounting:

  1. Payroll Software Training
  2. Bookkeeping,Accounting including GST Calculations
  3. Tally Training

Companies use different bookkeeping software like Tally,Busy,SAP,ERP,Payroll and excel spreadsheets to record these dealings. Getting comfortable and familiarized to accounting software is an essential step towards gaining a job role as Account bookkeeper.

The payroll course is perfect for persons new to payroll that need training on the essential elements of payroll processing, such as computing deductions from pay. This course gives an excellent working knowledge of the diverse accounting and payroll methodologies. Our unique approach of unification the essential theoretical concepts and practical skills give you a massive competitive advantage in your job quest.

Who is it for

The course is suited for aspiring Tally learners,bookkeepers, and anyone who wants to start a career in accounting.

New entrants into accounting and payroll sector

Learners persuing accounting qualification

Candidates with \accounting experience.

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Course Benefits

Blended learning methodology with revision based customers accessible from home to give you supreme support in learning

 Flexible one to one training meetings built around your accessibility, with the option to choose days, timing and meetings

Certification from AKB Institute

Recruitment company aiding you with job hunting after training

Specialised one to one training sessions for CV, Interview preparation and Job hunting tips

Setting up of software in your laptops for practice from home

 Cover experience requirement for all significant bookkeeping bodies

Software Training Included

tally course in faridabad
Tally Training

Course Content

  • Treatment of opening balances
  • Choosing the chart of accounts that suits the firm’s needs and its customisation
  • Understanding how double entry is applied in accounting software and how to customise the nominal ledger and nominal codes
  • Maintaining sales and purchase ledgers of organisation
  • Setting up customers’ accounts
  • Process customers invoices and credit notes
  • Setting up suppliers accounts
  • Posting month end adjustments and journals
  • Processing suppliers invoices and credit notes
  • Generating reports customer/supplier invoices, statements and reconciling them
  • Generating aged debtors and aged creditors reports for credit control purposes
  • Understanding CIS deductions and processing invoice containing CIS element
  • Understanding reverse charge and processing invoice containing reverse charge element
  • Identifying errors and performing error corrections
  • Allocating cash payments and receipts
  • Allocating bank payments and receipts
  • Understanding accruals and processing the journal entry
  • Understanding prepayments and processing the journal entry
  • Program and payroll basics

·                            Backing up and restoring data

·                            Company settings

·                            Understanding Indian legislation relating to Payroll

·                            Registering as an employer

·                            Understanding Pay as you earn (PAYE) system

·                            Adding employees into payroll software

·                           Creating pay elements

·                           Understanding year to date values

·                           Processing payments for employees

·                          Generating payslips

·                          Generating pre-update reports

·                          Departments and employee analysis

·                          Calculating and processing statutory payments

·                          Calculating and paying statutory sick pay (SSP)

·                          Calculating and paying statutory maternity pay (SMP)

·                          Calculating and paying statutory paternity pay (SPP)

·                           Recording absences

·                           Updating the payroll records with leavers and joiners

·                           Payment of ESI-EPF

·                          Yearend procedures

·                          Printing and Issuing pay slips to employees

·                         Real time information (RTI) reports

·                         Full payment submission (FPS)

·                         Employer payment summary (EPS)


Skills You Will Gain

  • Employee Records
  • Payments and Deduction
  • Basic Pension Schemes
  • Pay Elements & Company Reports
  • Statutory Payments
  • Generating Payslips
  • FPS, EPS , RTI Submissions
  • Setting up Starters & Leavers
  • Record and Return Submissions



    • Sales Day Book
    • Purchase Day Book
    • Credit Notes
    • Debtor / Creditor Reconciliation
    • Petty Cash Reconciliation
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • GST Calculation
    • GST Adjustment
    • GST Submission


Industries Covered

  • Construction
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Solicitor
  • Traders
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical Surgeries
  • Dental Clinics
  • Online Business
  • Architect & More

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