If you’re looking to get into accounting, then you might be wondering which course should be your first choice. There is much different accounting software out there and they each serve a specific purpose. One example of an ERP system is SAP while tally is another example of accounting software. Both these programs have their own advantages over each other but ultimately it comes down to what kind of job you want or needs in order to succeed in this field.

1. Both SAP And Tally Are Accounting Software

Both SAP and Tally are accounting software. SAP is a multi-user application, while Tally is a single-user application. The interface of the two is quite different:

Tally is a great option for small businesses or sole proprietorships. It’s so affordable that you can buy it outright without having to worry about expensive software licenses and ongoing maintenance fees. SAP, on the other hand, is more suited for midsize businesses with complex accounting needs.

2. SAP Is A Legacy ERP System While Tally Is A Focused Accounting Software

3. Tally’s Interface Is Very Simple And Intuitive

Tally is a single-user application, which means that it can easily be used by one person at a time. Because of this, the user interface is designed for ease of use rather than complexity. In addition to being easy to use, Tally also has a limited number of features compared with other accounting software programs like SAP and QuickBooks Online (QBO). This makes it more suitable for smaller businesses that do not need advanced features or large amounts of data storage capacity but still need an easy-to-use system that will allow them to manage their finances effectively without having much trouble understanding how everything works together.

4. Tally Is A Single-User Application While SAP Is A Multi-User Application

5. SAP Offers More Functionalities Than Tally

6. SAP Has More Support Than Tally

Tally is a software solution that’s often used in small business finance and accounting, but it’s not as widely used or supported as SAP. In fact, only about 40 percent of companies use Tally for their accounting needs. This means you may have to spend more time researching how to use it if you want to use it at all—and even then, there are still some things missing from the program (like automating payroll). If your company uses Tally already and wants to upgrade its accounting software without having to start over completely with an entirely new system like Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Accounting System (FAS), then this could be worth considering as an option until other options become available later on down the line when budgets allow for another purchase such as these two mentioned above which would save money overall versus purchasing both separately due to lack thereof.”

If you’re considering upgrading your accounting software, take a look at these options first. Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are two of the most popular and widely used programs in the world, so they’re definitely worth looking into if you want something that will work for your business in the coming years.


So, you have a choice to make. You can choose between Tally and SAP, both of which are great accounting software options. However, if you are looking for more functionality and support than simply accounting then I would recommend SAP over Tally.

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