Tally is a financial accounting software that allows users to manage their business by capturing sales transactions, expense management, and inventory details. It was founded in 1986 by Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka. They developed the first version of the Tally application which was known as Peutronics Financial Accountant. And later in the year 1999, it was renamed tally solutions and has been recognized by Forbes as “one of the fastest-growing software companies” in the 2000s.

After that many updates came in Tally software and the latest one is Tally prime which was launched in the year 2020 and offers connected e-invoicing solutions to generate e-invoices within their software automatically.

Yes, you can get a very good job after learning Tally because there is a lot of scope in the field of Tally, as a large number of small-scale and large-scale businesses use Tally software for their business activities and also MNCs.

But, the pay scale will depend on your city as well as how much knowledge and experience you have in the field of Tally.

A starting salary is expected to be 2.5 L per annum.

But, the question here is how to learn to tally.

Learning Tally is not a very difficult task as it is simple accounting software that helps in account management, and it takes approx 1-3 months to complete training. You will get a thorough knowledge of software and concepts like inventory management, GST and TDS calculation, changing business records, and so on.

There are many institutes where you can opt for Tally training courses, one of them is the AKB institute of finance and management,

here you can enroll for tally training to get in-depth knowledge of Tally and also you can enjoy various benefits such as Flexible one to one-training meetings built around your accessibility, with the option to choose days, timing, and meetings, proper certification from AKB institute, Recruitment company aiding you with job hunting after training, etc.

Here you can get the extra benefit of trying before enrollment which means you can join one day of training for free.

After completing your tally training program you can quickly get a job as admin executive, accounts executive, audit executive, financial analyst, accounts manager, inventory manager, billing executive, bookkeeper, etc. in various small and medium-sized companies such as Udaan, Zomato, Swiggy, big basket and so on…

Admin Executive: An executive administrative assistant’s job is to assist and support their boss by managing the office, taking calls, making appointments, and creating agendas. They may also oversee lower-level administrative assistants in an office.

Accounts Executive: Accounts executives are responsible for collecting and processing day-to-day sales, keeping track of inventory and expenses, preparing monthly reports, and adjusting the general ledger accounts.

Audit Executive: An audit executive is a professional working for an organization that controls the flow of money—from sales to expenses. They examine records and other documents for discrepancies between what is reported to the company and what is recorded in its accounts. The main roles are collecting, checking, analyzing spreadsheet data, examining company accounts and financial control systems, etc.

Financial analyst: Financial analysts help companies improve their financial performance, minimize risk and maximize returns. They develop and maintain accurate financial statements, prepare forecasts, perform investment analyses, and forecast demand for goods or services.

Billing executive: The billing executive is a key member of the team and is responsible for contacting clients about overdue invoices. They ensure that all outstanding balances are paid in full and on time. This position requires a high level of attention to detail, strong communication skills, and resourcefulness.

Bookkeeper: A bookkeeper records and maintains the financial transactions of a business. A bookkeeper usually prepares daily financial reports, keeps track of cash receipts and payments, and checks for errors and fraud in accounts.


If you want to work in a field that is growing and has job openings, then tally may be the right choice for you. There are many opportunities for tally experts in the banking sector as banks require good accountants for managing their financial transactions and records. Due to the vast number of companies using Tally, there is no shortage of job opportunities for skilled tally professionals.

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