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Sleepless Nights, Loss of Appetite, Anxiety etc….Don’t take me wrong as I am not discussing about some disease but these are the few symptoms of Job Interview Fear or Phobia. Nothing to worry about the same, these are very common and during research it was observed that approx 80% of candidates suffer from Interview Fear / Phobia…At the same time those who overcome the fear of interview, have very high probability of being successful…There are some tips and tricks which can help u in getting your dream job…Lets find out how to overcome fear of interview & some useful Tips to Crack Job Interview.


Interview Tips


1 Overcome the Fear of Rejection / Losing: Firstly lets understand why we fear the interview, answer is very simple. Its not fear of interview but fear of rejection so it is very important to overcome the fear of rejection…How can we overcome the fear of rejection?

It is very easy to handle this fear, by simply changing your attitude and approach towards interview…Self confidence is very important in regard…I am going to share success mantra “Always appear in Interview with attitude as in you don’t need this job” YES, you read it right…Always appear in interview with this attitude…This approach will boost your Self Confidence. As per some psychological researches, if we need some thing in life then we chase it..When we chase, we fear loosing it even before getting it..1st focus should be to achieve that particular objective, once u achieve then only fear of losing comes into picture…So appear in interview with Full Confidence and with an Attitude that you don’t need this job…It will help you to overcome the fear of rejection or losing the job. No company will hire fearful person so overcome your fear if want the Job.

2.  Understand Job Requirement: It is very important to understand what is job profile and whether u fit in this profile or not…Always ask for Job Description before appearing for interview…Identify your strengths & be clear on what kind of candidate organization is looking for..It will help you to decide your approach during course of interview.

3. What all you are bringing it to the table? Always think that if u need this particular job then at the same time, organization is also looking for good candidate…During interview always focus on what all skill sets you will bring to organization & how it will benefit the organization in long benefit…Job is also doing a business, in our daily life if we buy any product or hire any service..we always look how this product or service will benefit us similarly you are also doing business with organization and try to showcase how organization is going to benefit if they offer this job to u.

4. Probable Questions & Answers: Once you are clear on Job Requirement, make a list of probable questions and their answers i.e. what all an interviewer can ask you..If need arises take help of your friends who are in similar position or industry…Trust me if u do this exercise seriously, you will be able to find out atleast 80% of questions which can be asked during the interview.

Some More Interview Tips

  1. Never Argue with Interviewer: It is advisable not to enter into any kind of  argument with Interviewer during interview. Lets accept that the person who is taking the interview has more experience, just listen & don’t argue to justify your point. I am not saying don’t put across your point but put it in a positive manner & don’t argue to justify that your are correct.
  2. Be Honest & Flexible: Always be honest during interview. If u don’t know any answer just accept the same rather trying to give wrong answers…Besides knowledge, organizations give lot of importance to people who are honest in approach and also flexible in their approach. Never be rigid in your approach as business environment is changing very fast these days…Organizations always give importance to people with flexible approach rather rigid in nature.
  3. Ask for feedback at the end of Interview: Before the interview closes, ask for feedback from interviewer irrespective how your interview went. It gives very positive impression about candidate. Organization feel that candidate has positive attitude & is willing to accept feedback
  4. Salary Negotiations: Never ever ask for unrealistic salary hikes as it gives impression that you are not serious about the job and just changing the job for money….Kindly do your homework before salary negotiation i.e. with your experience and for the particular job profile what is industry benchmark…For junior and middle management, normal salary hike is in the range of 25% to 40% Also in some of critical job profiles like treasury in banking you might get very high salary hike.
  5. Never ditch the organization after accepting the Job: Again very common mistake and some people have habit of keep trying in various organizations for better package after receiving job offer & if they get another job, they simply say NO before joining. Trust me it can spoil your career in long run and you will never be able to reach top management with this attitude…World is very small and in this networked age you can’t hide these kind of actions…In future you will again come across same people & then no one will hire, if they find that you indulged in these tactics. If u don’t wish to join then pls don’t accept offer letter but after accepting if u say NO then it is totally unethical and unprofessional.

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