General Information

Accounting has become a very important aspect of modern business today. Any Financial Transaction now needs to be precise and must be such that so as to provide complete picture of the Business. As a part of the continuous reforms by the academic council of the Institute, a new course Chartered Taxation Accountant has been introduce from April 2006.

• To provide practical knowledge and impart Professional Training
• To impart creativity, innovativeness and analytical ability in students to imbibe working efficiency and management
• The course help the students to gain analytical and managerial skills that will enable hem to succeed in a rapidly changing business and Economic environment
• To ensure that student who successfully complete the course are able to handle the tax matters independently and in an efficient manner.
• Provides a vast knowledge in the field of accounting & taxation in a very short time so that student will achieve new dimensions in the business world as soon as possible.
• The aim of course is to develop the confidence of students to push conventional boundaries & implement innovative solution

A wide array of modern methods is being used for imparting Education. The method includes supply of study material prepared by high-level Professionals, Assignment submission, seminars and conferences. All the eligible students are required to register themselves with the Institute for undergoing compulsory postal tuition and are required to satisfactorily comply with the requirements of course in order to eligible for appearing in the examination. While we have, as always, a defined curriculum, the courses are individuated to your needs and special circumstances. We also don’t make you re-learn what you have already learned. As such, we prefer the term LEARNER to “student” and because you are all mid-career and specialists, not neophytes, we respect that and treat you, as COLLEAGUES and indeed fellow learners, for surely you will also teach us something. In essence much of our work is ‘contract-learning”: we work together (you and your mentor) to agree on the method by which you will demonstrate the BREADTH of knowledge, the DEPTH of understanding and the APPLICATION of those theories and concepts in your professional life, now and in the

Given the number of problems associated with the Indian education system what is required is for the system to be locale specific and oriented towards capacities of the learners. Distance education may aid in leading to an education that would reduce inequalities and respond to social, cultural and economic contexts of the learners and the society and promote excellence. Its approach framework would stand on three pillars – relevance, equity and excellence. Distance education can overcome the limitations of age, geographical area and provide a system flexible enough to be accessed at the convenience and requirement of the learner. CTA is through distance learning scheme, which is very much different and improved from traditional “brick and mortar” scheme of regular classrooms.

Level-2 examinations will be held in JUNE and DECEMBER every year. A candidate can appear for the examination after satisfactory compliance of requirement mentioned earlier. On-line examinations are conducted through attest centers. Detailed instructions and schedule of examination will be sent to all students in due course of time and also students are required to keep themselves update with the changes and information mentioned on the website regularly