Academic Resources

Academic Resources

The Academic Council plays a vital role in designing and updating the Online Tally Course Online Accounting Diploma Online GST Course,Online Diploma course curriculum and all other relevant material after careful evaluation of latest industry trends new regulations laws and after considering various pronouncements made by different Government bodies. Cost-efficient management learning. Jointly prepared student study material by competent academician and practicing executives. Ample reading material i.e. issue of both the student’s study material and a good book on each subject.


The Academic Council comprises of members with several years of teaching and Industrial experience that constantly give assistance and guidelines to the authors of study material Of Online Tally Course Online Accounting Diploma Online GST Course,Online Diploma to ensure quality and to cover all relevant material and case study as per latest industry trends. We recognize that our academic reputation rests on the quality of our faculty. We recruit high-caliber instructors with both academic credentials and real-world experience and provide them with training in online methods to help ensure a rich, engaging experience for both faculty and learners


AKB Institute of Finance & Management has pioneered the Online Tally Course Online Accounting Diploma Online GST Course,Online Diploma Business Accounting & Taxation Education in India. Already placed thousands of students in various   Industries in the Accounting and Taxation Department from last 20 years. Frequently conduct seminars, Alumni Meets and conferences for uplifting Educational Standards of the students in the Country Provides a common platform to all students from all regions, Occupation and age group to interact with each other for Accomplishment of social cause.

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